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Child Weight Management Report

Dear Friend,

There's a little known but enormous opportunity in the fitness section now that I absolutely have to tell you about.

What makes it unique is that you don't need loads of experience in the health industry to get started. Nor do you need impressive credentials or an established business to turn what I'm about to share with you into a lucrative career.

In fact

You don't even need to invest substantial amounts of money or dedicate years of your life like you would with a college degree to see results.

When I started out as a Youth Fitness Trainer it was really nothing more than a hobby.

I'd been a retired Marine for a number of years and a couple of local schools had registered a bit of interest in having me run a few fun fitness classes for the kids.

No mention of money at this stage.

I didn't even know other people were earning their living doing this kind of thing.

I knew plenty of people making handsome livings because they were making adults healthier and happier but didn't know anyone focusing on the younger generation

So I missed out for a while but then

Suddenly EVERYONE was aware that far too many children were suffering from obesity and that's when I took notice.

It started as a passion.

I felt I could make a difference.

If I could address dietary concerns and exercise habits early enough I could give children life-long health benefits and on a selfish level

I'd have FUN doing it.

Word traveled fast that I was running fitness classes for children.

The kids would tell their parents how much they enjoyed it.

The parents would tell other parents about their kids new favorite activities.

(And probably welcome an hour or two's break every week!)

And suddenly I had a client base.


Parents were waving dollars in front of my face to take more classes and that's when I actually started to look into what qualifications were out there for this "niche".

Major publications like Entrepreneur magazine had recognized the massive potential in this growing market.

Numerous websites raved about the youth fitness industry being one of the most lucrative and fastest growing in the world.

The leading experts in youth fitness at that time were unhappy with how a lot of kids were being told to do "watered down"adult exercises.

I was definitely in right place at the right time

And this niche has only got BIGGER since then.


As a thanks for deciding to get your certificate through us today we're giving you our partners incredible Youth Fitness Business Builder book (Usually $147 ) at NO COST!

It's yours on us because we know how challenging t it can be to step outside of your comfort zone and move into a better career.



And secure your future in a fun and lucrative career now. Best Wishes, Alex Duran Owner of FW4K International inc.


When you register with us you'll immediately be invited to create your own FW4K account. Login to that and you'll get immediate access to your Youth Fitness Specialist Certification Exam as well as instructions on how to complete it.

Obviously you'll want to go through our learning material first but the exam is there to be taken whenever you're ready.

You'll be emailed everything you need instantly.

You must be over 18 years of age, hold a high school diploma (at the very least) and be able to pass a police check (so no criminal record allowed) - apart from that, you're all good!

You have a full 365 days to take and pass your exam BUT the vast majority of our clients only need 2 - 3 weeks to pass. The exam takes 2 hours and you have one chance to pass. Fail and you'll need to pay $50 to retake. The bottom line is you can learn at your own pace so this is ideal for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and many responsibilities but still wants to advance their career. Once you pass the test you should have your certificate within two weeks (we just need to register you with the necessary departments).

Not at all! All the training materials are in English (as is the exam) so you'll need to understand that BUT there's plenty of youth fitness specialists all around the world now and so the FW4k certification is open to anyone (as long as they meet the requirements) ready to get youth fitness certified!

  • Earn A Great Full Time Income As A Youth Fitness Pro
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Control When You Work & How Much You Earn
  • Genuinely Make A Difference To Childrens Life By Solving A BIG
  • Work In A Field Youre Passionate About & Actually Enjoy Your Work
  • Get Healthier & Fitter Yourself As You Work Outside Playing Sports
  • And Much Much More!

The certification is a very savvy investment.
And here's exactly what's included when you get this:

Fast-Track Introduction To Youth & Teen Fitness

Inside the instantly downloadable fast-track guide you'll discover everything you need to know to get started and get profitable in this growing market.

This no fluff no filler guide shows anyone regardless of how much experience they have in the youth fitness niche the shortest, most direct route to success.

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Your Valuable Youth Fitness Specialist Certification

And of course, you'll have the certificate that gives you the credibility and freedom to start your new career.

Certified Testimonials


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“I truly believe training our youth should not be the same as training adults. This certification covers it all to prepare you to have the knowledge and tools to succeed.”


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“The information I learned in this certification has changed my view on how I train my athletes. Anyone coach looking to take his or her kids game to the next level should get Youth Fit Pro Certified.”


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“I love to teach dance and fitness to all my kids. Using the distinctions of the certification and up to date information has made me a well sought after trainer.”


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“I've won a Super bowl Championship as player for the Baltimore Raven. Being a coach for young people I aspire for every child athlete to be faster, strong and jump higher. This certification has it all!”


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“This certification is changing the way we train our youth. I can now teach a lot more to my children...making my program a well rounded in all areas of training and development.”