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The certification is a very savvy investment.
And here,s exactly what,s included when you get this:

Fast-Track Introduction To Youth & Teen Fitness

Inside the instantly downloadable fast-track guide you,ll discover everything you need to know to get started and get profitable in this growing market.

This no fluff no filler guide shows anyone regardless of how much experience they have in the youth fitness niche the shortest, most direct route to success.

The 2016 Youth & Teen Fitness Study Guide

Packed with the most up to date and current ways myself and other top youth fitness specialists are teaching their classes, here you,ll is where you,ll get the information you need to get your Youth Fitness Trainer Certification.

Done For You, Ready To Use Marketing Strategy

As well as offering the highest quality training. what also separates from the rest is our ability to help our students make money with their new qualification.

With our "Done For You"marketing strategy, all of the hard work involved with finding clients is removed leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Proven Professionally Created Marketing Materials

Want schools, doctors and other valuable members of the community to sing your praises, hire you and send referrals? Then you need these specially created letters written by a professional.

Your Valuable Youth Fitness Specialist Certification

And of course, you,ll have the certificate that gives you the credibility and freedom to start your new career.

Certified Testimonials


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“I truly believe training our youth should not be the same as training adults. This certification covers it all to prepare you to have the knowledge and tools to succeed.”


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“The information I learned in this certification has changed my view on how I train my athletes. Anyone coach looking to take his or her kids game to the next level should get Youth Fit Pro Certified.”


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“I love to teach dance and fitness to all my kids. Using the distinctions of the certification and up to date information has made me a well sought after trainer.”


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“I've won a Super bowl Championship as player for the Baltimore Raven. Being a coach for young people I aspire for every child athlete to be faster, strong and jump higher. This certification has it all!”


I'm Youth Fit Pro Certified.
“This certification is changing the way we train our youth. I can now teach a lot more to my children...making my program a well rounded in all areas of training and development.”